SEO strategies 2019

Search engine optimisation rules keep changing. You need to keep up to date with the latest information on this subject. Use professional SEO services UK to rank your website higher in the search engine results. Following are some important SEO strategies that SEO experts recommend. Keywords This has been the main starting point for any SEO plan. Search engines have changed their algorithm several times over the years but they still value the keywords. Proper keyword research is necessary to find the keywords that are most relevant to your product, service, business or subject of your webpage. Keep in mind that you have to do lots of keyword research because each webpage of your website must be optimised for the specific keywords you are targeting. Long Tail Keywords A large number of people now use long tail keywords when searching something through the search engines. It gives you an excellent opportunity to rank your website higher in the SERPs because such keywords are not very competitive. Use effective keyword research tools to find such keywords. Mobile Friendly Website Almost half of online traffic now comes from small and mobile devices. This change in the online search pattern has forced the search engines to give more importance to those websites that are friendly to mobile devices. Mobile devices like smartphones have smaller screen and lower configuration compared to the desktop computers. Develop a responsive website that works well on all types of devices. It eliminates the need to maintain separate websites for small and large screen devices. Comply with the Search Engine Guidelines It should be easy for search engine bots to find your website and index your webpages in their search lists. Choose the URL that denotes your business, organisation or subject correctly. Use HTTPS URL to indicate your website is highly secure. Do not be afraid of including long tail keywords in your webpage title. Make sure the title, meta description, keywords, contents and title tags are optimised for the SEO. Make Your Website Fast Internet users do not have the patience to wait several minutes for all elements of your website to load. Use clever designing and programming to ensure your website loads quickly at the user end. Let the basic frame and main content load quickly while other contents continue to load. A fast and mobile friendly website is more likely to come up higher in the search engine results. You can do all these things and more to rank higher in search engines. For UK business purpose, use professional SEO services London to obtain high quality results.